ApeX Gaming

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Welcome to the ApeX Gaming website. If you are here to join our Tribe (as we like to call it) please register on this site and post on the GUESTBOOK that you have joined. Make sure you read the RULES and know them by heart. Find out about what ApeX Gaming does, and your expectations for being a member. Not just anyone can join. You must be experienced in the game you spend the majority of your time on and you must obey all the rules. If there are more than 3 infractions you will be banned.



                                             Our Games

ApeX Gaming is not focused on one game. We have many games and we need leaders for each, if you have a game that no one else has in the clan you will automatically become the leader. If you are beaten in a challenge, that next person will be come the leader.

ApeX Gaming on PC:

StarWars Battlefront EA Reboot (Leader: Snake Members: 2)


StarWars Battlefront 1 (Leader: Snake Members: 13)


StarWars Battlefront 2 (Leader: Wario Members: 10)


ApeX Gaming on PS3:


Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2(Leader: Snake Members: 94


Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 3(Leader: Fett Members: 4)


Need for Speed: The Run(Leader: Snake Members: 2)


Assassin's Creed Series(Leader: Snake Members: 8)


Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare(Leader: Snake Members: 4)


If you have a game that is not listed here please post on the guestbook so thjat game can be considered to be added. The Clan Administrator will approve of that game becoming an official game of ApeX.




All members are expected to obey the admins. You must obey the rules, and have an attitude of respect for all. Being cocky and prideful is a setup for defeat. If you THINK you are the best then you WON'T be. All players must participate in events. Look at the calender and Guestbook daily for notices of upcoming events. Practice all the time and never get mad during battles, no matter how bad you're losing or what the other team says. Not all clans expect much from their members. Respect other clan members anyway. Do not be afraid to give your opinion or suggestions, there's nothing more valuable to a leader than the feedback of their members. Do not complain or ask for promotions, if you have not gotten a promotion recently, simply point it out and show them your skill.